High precision Flow Transmitter for sanitary applications

PD340 Series

The PD340 Flow Transmitter from PROCES-DATA is an electromagnetic precision flowmeter for the volumetric measurement of liquids that are electrically conductive. The transmitter can be used in applications where a hygienic design is required.

The PD340 is the transducer of choice in industries where the highest standards in sanitation, hygiene, accuracy and reliability are of paramount importance. Industrial sectors ranging across the Dairy industry, Brewing Industry, Soft Drinks and Food, Animal Feeding, Potable Water, through to non-hygienic industries, where accurate measurement of a wide variety of conductive liquid chemicals is required.

The rugged construction of the transmitter also makes it suitable for installations where solid particles are present in the liquid.

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• Suitable for sanitary applications – Designed especially for the food industry.

• No moving parts – No maintenance.

• Volumetric measurement in m3, litres, U.S. gallons etc.

• Robust and compact design – Easy to mount, even in difficult applications.

• Factory configured to suit customer requirements.

• Constructed to be independent of variations in flow profile.

• High accuracy, even if the viscosity or the liquid changes.

• Change between different media liquids containing solids without any need for recalibration.- 

• Pulse and 4-20 mA outputs.

• Batch control function.

• Built-in PI flow controller.

• Two built-in counters for totalising the volume flow.

• P-NET and PROFIBUS DP fieldbus communication interface (IEC 61158).

• Simple display connection. (PD210)

• Inputs for temperature sensor and digital signal.

• Optimised for high accuracy and linearity. Using the linearising function, it is possible to measure within a 1:100 turn down range. Therefore the meter can normally be chosen to have the same size as the diameter of the pipe work, and the cost of installation and any pressure drop can be minimised.• 

Additional information

Meter selection guidelines
Brochure, Datasheet, Manual, and Guides
Installation recommendations 
CAD – Drawings
Approvals and certificates
Display Unit PD210
Large flowrates – C102
Batch & Flow Control
with PD210
Fieldbus integration
Profibus DP interface
1,2 and 3-phase output signals
Operating principles
Configuration Tool for PD340


One reason for its evolved popularity is because the transmitter offers such a wide versatility of usage. In its simplest form, it can act purely as a standalone flow transducer producing volumetric pulses or a 4-20 mA flow rate signal.

However, as standard, it can also be utilised as a complete batch controller and even act as a limit switch for a number of direct or derived local measurements.

Its versatility extends, with the use of its inbuilt PI controller, to form a flow control loop, where a rate valve is accurately controlled to a given flow-rate setpoint.

Apart from the digital input, utilised perhaps for local start of batch or for inhibiting totalisation when air is present, a second 4-wire Pt100 input provides the means of attaching a temperature probe. The integration of temperature measurement and flowrate can provide a standardised measurement of water based products where the product temperature may vary.

Revolutionary design

When PROCES-DATA released the first generation of the PD340 Flow Transmitter in the early eighties, it was nothing but a revolution on the sanitary flowmeter marketplace.

Before PD340, mechanical flowmeters, developed for non-hygienic applications, were commonly used to measure the flow of milk, beer, wine,  and other liquids in the food industry. They were difficult to clean, a lot of maintenance was required to keep them in operation, and their life time was short.
The PD340 was the first flowmeter with no moving parts, developed especially with sanitary applications in dairies, breweries, and other food industry in mind. Due to its unique, square-tube design, the PD340 was, and still is, the only meter on the market, which can be calibrated on water, and still maintain its high precision, even when measuring liquids with a different viscosity, without the need for being recalibrated on the actual liquid.

Furthermore, the compact design, with metering head, electronics and terminal box for wiring connection in one integrated unit, makes installation fast and easy.

The PD340 is used in a variety of process applications within the food industry, such as in dairies, breweries, or fish processing industry, as well as on mobile tankers for collecting or distributing milk, beer, wine, animal feed, or chemicals, where the PD340 is the core component in approved metering systems.