Module Structure

PD 600 and 800 series DPIs and I/O devices are made up of two parts – the Terminal Base Module and the Electronics Module.

Using Modules

Two terminals are often found on the back of a base module.
They are labeled with + and -.

When connected to a power supply through the power rail:
+ is a terminal for 24V
– is a terminal for 24VGND

+ and – is used as power supply, and they are not used when you connect output/input modules.

When you want to connect an analog or digital output/input module, you use the Electronics device.
The electronics device has dedicated green screw terminals for the purpose.
The top row is for input/output, while the bottom is for ground.

Electronics and Base Combinations

When forming clusters of 600 series modules, it needs to be ensured that the base module used matches the electronics module, in terms of the input and output terminals required. Whilst connectors between electronics and base modules are keyed to prevent incorrect combinations, it should be understood that certain electronics units can be plugged into more than one base module type, in order to provide a variation in input/output connections. For example, a PD 601 DPI electronics unit can use a BM 003 or BM 011 base module, depending whether RJ45 or screw connections are required. Another example involves a PD 620 Digital I/O electronics module, where when combined with a BM 014 base provides 4 input or output terminals, but if combined with a BM 008 base, provides four relay output connections.


The table views below, define possible combinations and resultant connections. Since electronics and base modules have individual part numbers, the user should be aware of the connection requirement at time of order.

Digital Interface Modules

BM 004BM 005BM 006BM 008BM 014
PD 620
PD 621
PD 622

DPI and Communication

BM 002BM 003BM 010BM 011BM 012BM 016BM 020
PD 600
PD 600B
PD 601
PD 602
PD 602B
PD 660
PD 661
PD 662
PD 663
PD 664

Motor Controller Modules

BM 005
PD 626

Analogue Interface Modules

BM005BM 013BM 014
PD 640
PD 641
PD 642
PD 643
PD 644

Module and Base Module Match

BM 101BM 102BM 103BM 104BM 105BM 018BM 020
PD 802
PD 803
PD 803-1
PD 803-2
PD 820
PD 821
PD 840
PD 850
PD 870
PD 610
PD 690

User defined labels for I/O marking 

For marking the individual I/O’s clearly, a user defined self-adhesive label can be placed on each Base Module. A Word template for printing such labels is available from the download page (use with label sheets part no. 608408).