Sales and Delivery Terms

The following terms apply to all orders and deliveries unless otherwise specified and agreed in writing by both parties.

Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date provided and are subject to alteration.


Orders are only binding when confirmed in writing in the form of an order confirmation sent by PROCES-DATA A/S.


All sales are made at the price specified in the order confirmation. Until delivery has been made, the buyer must accept changes in the price arising from documented increased costs imposed on PROCES-DATA A/S as a result of changes in exchange rates, prices of materials, customs duties, taxes and duties etc. concerning the agreed delivery.
All prices are exclusive of customs duty, VAT and equivalent public duties.


Terms of delivery
PROCES-DATA A/S will not be responsible for delays or impediments caused by force majeure or other circumstances beyond the company’s influence and control. If the buyer fails to comply with the agreed terms of payment, PROCES-DATA A/S will not be obliged to make any further deliveries.
Deliveries are made EXW (Incoterms 2000).


Terms of payment
Thirty (30) days net from date of invoice. The buyer is not entitled to withhold payment on the grounds of a counterclaim that PROCES-DATA A/S has not acknowledged in writing. Penalty interest at the rate of 1.5% of invoice value per the first day of each month will be charged on overdue payments.


PROCES-DATA A/S provides the following 24 months’ guarantee on all deliveries, starting from the date of delivery:
PROCES-DATA A/S will remedy defects in a product when a justified complaint has been received. PROCES-DATA A/S reserves the right to return a replacement product when necessary. The guarantee will lapse if the item has not been installed, maintained or treated correctly.
If PROCES-DATA A/S elects to remedy the defect, the defective product must be sent to PROCES-DATA A/S CPT Silkeborg. The required repairs will then be made as quickly as possible within normal hours of work. Any costs incurred by the buyer in connection with arranging the repair, including travel and accommodation costs, are of no concern to PROCES-DATA A/S. In the event of personal injury or material damage caused by defects in products and/or services supplied, PROCES-DATA A/S will be liable only to the extent specified by law. Under no circumstances will PROCES-DATA A/S be liable for operating loss, loss of time, loss of profit or similar losses.


The buyer will be charged for the cost of packaging unless specifically included in the price.
Any disagreements concerning sale, delivery and related matters shall be decided under Danish law. PROCES-DATA A/S’ place of business shall be the venue for all cases.