Service & Support

PROCES-DATA’s service and support department is ready to assist you if you need repair, calibration, product training, or other kinds of technical service or support on our products.

Service Department

The service department can assist you with:

· Product repair
· Calibration and test
· Flow Transmitter configuration
· Choosing the right Flow transmitter for your application


Contacting the service department

You may contact the service department either by e-mail or phone:
Phone: +45 87 200 300

Recommendation and procedures for verification and calibration of flow transmitters


• Our general recommendation for verification is a test on a yearly basis, after which a test certificate is issued


• Flow transmitters on the customer’s stock are covered by the recommendation from the day each individual transmitter is taken into use. This means that the spare parts stock can hold a spare transmitter, which is first taken into use for example 10 months after the date stated on the test certificate.

• This transmitter does not require verification after two months, but after one year.

Procedures for verification and calibration:

• The transmitter is received by our service department and cleaned with a detergent and a soft brush


• The meter is inspected visually, and if it is physically considered to be OK, it goes on to test


• The meter is tested on our test facility


• If the measurement results are within our internal specifications, a test certificate is issued and the meter is returned


• If the meter does not comply with our internal specifications, it will be calibrated, and a calibration certificate is issued.

Support Department

The support department can assist you with:

• Hardware support
• Software support
• Application support
• Product training


Contacting the support department

You may contact the service department either by e-mail or phone:
Phone: +45 87 200 300

Sending products for repair or calibration

If you need to send products in for repair or calibration, please include the following information with the shipment:

• Invoicing information
(company name and address, phone/fax. number, e-mail address)

• Return address



• Order number or reference number



• Contact person (name, phone number, e-mail address)



• Description of the problem for each item included in the shipment (please describe what is wrong with the product, and the kind of service you want us to carry out).


If the above information is not included with the shipment, the service department is not able to open a service order, and therefore no work will be done on the products.


Ship the goods to the following address:

Navervej 10
DK-8600 Silkeborg
Att.: Service Department