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VIGO Fieldbus Software & Visual VIGO SCADA Software

VIGO & Visual VIGO​

Note: This VIGO installation package is available as an exe file.
After download, please run this exe file to start the installation.

Note: This file is a self-extracting zip-file.
Extract the content to a folder of your own choice and refer to readme.txt for further instructions.

Manuals and installation guides​

VIGO Workspace files

Process-Pascal and software for PD 600 Series DPI

The Process-Pascal programming suite, which is used to program DPIs
and Programmable Controllers, is an integrated part of the VIGO package.

A readme.txt file is included in the zip file

This program can be downloaded to all PD 60x DPIs, except ‘S’ versions.

PD 4000 Flowmeter Systems


Word template for printing I/O-tag labels to be mounted on PD 600-Series Base Modules.
(To be used with label sheets part no. 608408)