Further Details


If you want to know more about the construction of the PD340 Flow Transmitters, please check out the construction page to find all the details.

Operating principles

To learn more about the operating principles of the PD340, please visit the operating principles page.

Meter selection guidelines

Not sure how to pick the right flow meter size for your plant?

Check out our meter selection guidelines to find help.

Installation recommendations 

Before planning your installation, please check our installation recommendations in order to ensure to mount the Flow Transmitter correctly in your system.

Check out the installation recommendations page.

Approvals and certificates

To view our approvals and certificates, such as Declaration of conformity, MID/OIML Evaluation Certificate, Control reports etc., please check out our approvals and certificates page. 

Profibus DP interface

The PD340 can be delivered with Profibus DP interface. Furthermore, existing PD340 Flow Transmitters, provided they are extended version, can also have this option, simply by changing the terminal box with the PD385 Profibus DP version. Please visit this page for additional information. 

Batch & Flow Control
with PD210

Learn how to use the built-in batch control function, which can be controlled using the PD210 Display Unit.

Batch & flow control with PD210, can be found here.

Fieldbus integration

If you want to know more about PD340 fieldbus integration, please check this page.

1,2 and 3-phase output signals

The extended version of the flow transmitter can be configured with 3-phase output.
On this page is in depth information about the different 3-phase output configurations.

Configuration Tool for PD340

As an alternative to using the PD210 Display Unit as the tool for configuring the PD340, we can now deliver the PD688 Display with configuration program for PD340

Further Information can be found here.

Large flowrates – C102

Although based on the same principles, the largest PD340 Flow transmitter, the PD340 C102, differs physically from the rest of the PD340 family.
Further Information can be found here.