PD340 - Installation recommendations

The Flow Transmitter should be installed within the pipework in such a way that the metering head is always filled with liquid. The PD 340 could interpret an empty pipe as if some liquid is flowing.

If heavy vibrations occur in the pipework e.g. caused by resonance from pumps, or a pulsating pressure in connection with perhaps a homogenizer or a positive displacement pump, some vibration damping will be required, or the transmitter must be mounted somewhere else having less pressure variation.

If the liquid contains air, an air eliminator should be mounted upstream of the Flow Transmitter.

The Flow Transmitter can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically.

No air must be trapped in the metering head.

An arrow on the metering head indicates the positive flow direction.

To create the best conditions for precise metering, a straight pipe run of at least three times the pipework diameter should be mounted upstream and downstream of the Flow Transmitter.  

Horizontal pipeline

When mounted in a horizontal pipeline, orientation as shown in the figure below is recommended.


Vertical pipeline

When mounted in a vertical pipeline, upward flow is recommended.



Mounting in an angle of minimum 20° to horizontal as shown in the figure ensures self-draining property.