PD385 Terminal box with Profibus DP

DKK 1,970.00



Profibus DP fieldbus interface makes measuring flow and volume as simple as measuring a temperature. All data from the device is transferred to the PLC via Profibus DP. No analogue inputs or high speed counters are needed.

The PD385 Profibus interface module is universal for all PD340 meter sizes, ranging from C25 to C102 (1” to 4”). The PD385 can be used with any extended version PD 340, whether it is new or old.


• Specifications

Power Supply
Supply: 24 V DC
Power consumption: Max. 6 W
Status indicators: 3 x LED

Fieldbus: Profibus DP
Fieldbus profile: DP-V0
Maximum com. speed: 12 Mbps
(Automatic detection)
Address range: 1 to 125
GSD file name: PD__0D18.GSD


Ambient temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C
Protection class: IP 67