Profibus DP-V0 Essential Features Master
• RS485 interface for Profibus
• Light-Link interface for P-NET
• Advanced internal self testing
• Wide power supply range
• Wide temperature range
• LED for power On
• LED for Error indication




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Product Description

The PD 667 Profibus DP master interface offers a simple means to utilize Profibus devices within a P-NET control system.
This opens the possibility to integrate devices that are only available with a Profibus DP interface, seamlessly into a P-NET system.
It uses a BM 002 base module.

The PD 667 module contains an RS485 interface for Profibus and a Light-Link interface for P-NET.
All data exchange with the Profibus slaves is performed to/from memory arrays in the PD 667.
P-NET devices on the network can read or write into these areas and in doing so read data from or send commands to Profibus slaves.

The PD 667 implements the essential features of Profibus DP V0 master functionality to enable two-way communication between two fieldbus types.
Major limitations are: No multi-master, no token handling procedures, max. 19200 bps, max 8 slaves, no sync and freeze, no slave group, no 5-volt supply for termination.

The module itself does not require any programming.
Profibus network settings and slave configurations are entered into a table via VIGO.

The PD 667 supports (per Profibus slave):

  • 0..244 bytes of input
  • 0..244 bytes of output
  • Full data consistency
  • Input and Output slaves / Input only slaves / Output only slaves
  • Diagnostic data, automatically and upon request
  • Signal for new data / new diagnostic data available
  • Protocol status.

The PD 667 is mounted in a BM 002 base module. Profibus cable is connected to A,B and S. When standard Profibus cable used, the Green wire should be connected to “A” and the red wire to “B”. Shield is connected to cabinet housing and to “S”.

The PD 667 offers a standard Profibus RS485 interface, except for the 5 Volt supply for the termination circuit.

As the PD 667 does not offer a 5 Volt supply for the termination, it cannot be used as a termination station on the network.
If the PD 667 is mounted as the last station on a network, an external Profibus termination unit must be used.
If the PD 667 is not mounted at the end of the network, the last slave at each end of the cable may be used for termination.

Power supply
Power supply DC: Nom. 24.0 V, Min. 20.0 V, Max. 32.0 V
Ripple: Max. 5 %

Power consumption @ 24V DC
Average operation current: Max 100 mA
Peak current: Max. 350 mA

EMC: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3

Test method: IEC 60068-2-6
Frequency / amplitude: 2-10 Hz: +/- 5.0 mm, 10-100 Hz: +/- 2g
Sweep rate: Max. 1 octave/min
Number of axes: 3 mutually perpendicular