PD626 – Stepper motor controller and driver

The PD 626 is an integrated controller and driver for stepper motors. It can directly drive a unipolar stepper motor.
13000 Hz stepping rate, 1.8 A per winding by integrated driver, Half stepping, Single full stepping, Dual full stepping.

DKK 1,100.00



  • 13000 Hz stepping rate.
  • 1.8 A per winding by integrated driver.
  • Half stepping.
  • Single full stepping.
  • Dual full stepping.
  • Permanent acceleration / deceleration control.
  • Target speed mode.
  • Target position mode.
  • High-speed inputs for motor control triggers.
  • 32 bit resolution; allowing a single move command to span 2 billion steps in each direction.
  • Wide power supply range.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • 2 LEDs for power On and Error indication.
  • 4 LEDs for motor control status.
  • 2 LEDs for limit input status.

The PD 626 is an integrated controller and driver for stepper motors. It can directly drive a unipolar stepper motor having up to 1.8A windings. The software in the controller permanently controls the acceleration or deceleration to reach the target position or the target speed.

Individual control parameters for each rotation direction are provided. Integrated high-speed limit inputs, enable configurable motor control events to be executed on the raising or falling edge of each input. Used with base module BM 005 provides easy-to-use DIN-rail mounting.

Power Specifications
Power Supply DC: nom. 24.0 V, min. 18.0 V, max. 32.0 V
Ripple: max. 5%

Power consumption @ 24VDC
All outputs/inputs = ON: max. 45 mA
All outputs/inputs = OFF : max. 30 mA
Current requirement at power up: max. 60 mA

Step controller
Step frequency: max. 13,000 step/sec
Acceleration: min. 0.87 step / sec²,  max. 800,000 step / sec²
Speed accuracy: See graphs.
Speed repeatability error: max. 0.01%
Span of one positional movement: max. + / – 2 billion steps

Environmental Conditions
Ambient Temperature
Operating temperature: -25 °C – 70 °C
Storage temperature: -40 °C – 85 °C

Relative humidity: max. 95%

EMC EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3

Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
Frequency range: 2-100 Hz
Frequency / amplitude: 2-10 Hz: +/- 5.0 mm
10-100 Hz: +/- 2g
Sweep rate: max. 1 octave/min
Number of axes: 3 mutually perpendicular