PD340 Flow Transmitter Simulator with PD 210 Display

DKK 9,025.00



Simulates the functionality of any size of the PD340 metering head.

This model is equipped with a terminal box on which the PD210 Display is mounted for optimal simulation operation (rotated 180 ° compared to the normal plant operation mounting).

Simulation of flow via potentiometer (0-100 %), positive or negative flow direction, simulation of errors (coil error, shunt error), simulation of operational states (tube empty/not empty, Input1 on/off).

The simulator with display is your indispensable tool during commissioning of any process plant. Long before liquid is actually flowing in the pipe system, the P-NET communication incl. error states, digital as well as analogue output signals, their connection and interaction with the control and visualization systems can be checked. Scaling factors may also be verified, ensuring that values for flow rate and volumes indicate correctly. This will save you from spending precious time on error search when the entire plant is about to go into operation.

The flow simulator must be equipped with an electronics module which is not included in the price. Numerous choices and combinations are available, so please contact salesdepartment@proces-data.com for more information and advice.



PD 340 C76 Standard Electronic module, PD 340 C76 Extended Electronic module, PD 340 C76 3-phase output Electronic module