P-NET LAN to P-NET RS485 interface

P-NET LAN to P-NET RS485 interface unit
1 pcs. PD 602S, mounted on BM 016
1 pcs. PD 661 SPI, mounted on BM 010
1 pcs. DIN rail, plastic
2 pcs. PG 7 cable glands
2 pcs. PG 11 cable glands
2 pcs. Terminals for 24 V DC




PicturePart. No.NamePriceQuantity
600254kr. 5,725.00


Specific Features

  • PD 602 S DPI with Ethernet Interface
  • PD 661 Simple P-NET Interface RS485 P-NET

The unit P-NET LAN to P-NET RS485 interface contains two modules:
1. PD 602 DPI, which provides an interface to local area networks (LAN) using the Ethernet electrical standard (10 Mb/s).
2. PD 661 SPI, which provides a transparent link between the optical P-NET Light-Link and standard P-NET RS485.

The PD 602 DPI is programmed in Process-Pascal, which is an extension of standard Pascal, allowing easy declaration and utilisation of P-NET variables and objects. Programs are developed and compiled on a standard PC, then downloaded directly via a P-NET interface. Program code can be downloaded to FLASH memory.

The unit can be easily installed, and will enable any P-NET RS485 installation to be accessed by LAN or via the Internet. Built-in gateway functionality in the PD 602 DPI gives transparent access to modules connected to P-NET Light-Link or P-NET RS485.

Up to three additional M36 modules can be mounted on the DIN rail if required.
There is no need to perform any communication wiring between the M36 modules.
Mechanical Details

Width: 260 mm
Height: 160 mm
Depth: 90 mm

Sealing: IP 65