Base Module, BM 103, screw terminals.




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PD 800 series DPIs and I/O devices are made up of two parts:
The Terminal Base Module and the Electronics Device.

The Terminal Base Modules are snap-locked directly on a DIN-Rail and interlocks with neighboring modules to ensure stability.
The Terminal Base Module has two terminals for all the channels for connection to the process signals, respecting the demand for only one wire in each terminal, ensuring a safe and straight forward design- and installation process.

One of the two terminals is with the negative supply and the other is the input / output terminal. Having only one wire in each terminal enables that the wiring to/from process signals can be done directly, without the need for any further intermediate terminals.

The Terminal Base provides also a power rail for connections to the power supply, as well as guides for the Light-Link interface.

The base module is available with either spring terminals or screw terminals.

A battery for backup and UPS is included in the BM 103.

Power Specifications
Current supplied by power rail: Max. 5 A
Current at spade connectors: Max. 10 A
Battery for Backup and UPS: Li Poly 3.7 V, 830mAh