BM 020 Base Module, screw terminals




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PD600 series DPIs and I/O devices are made up of two parts: The Terminal Base Module and the Electronics Device.
The Terminal Base Modules are snap-locked directly onto a DIN-rail and interlock with neighbouring modules to ensure stability.
PD610 DPI Gateway Device and PD602B DPI uses a BM020 Base Module that provides a RJ-45 connector for a 100 Mbit Ethernet communication interface and power supply, as well as a Light-Link interface.

Furthermore BM020 provides terminals for P-NET RS-485 interface connections or CAN bus interface connections.


P-NET RS485 / CAN bus jumper settings


The BM020 base module is equipped with jumpers used to switch between P-NET RS485 and CAN bus.
Selecting between P-NET RS485 and CAN bus is done via jumper settings.


P-NET RS485: The two jumpers are from factory set to position “A” P-NET RS485.


CAN Bus: Setting the two jumpers in the position “B” will switch from P-NET RS485 to CAN bus. Both jumpers must be set into the “B ” position.


Both jumpers must be placed in either “A” or in “B” position and may not be removed.

Jumper location

The jumpers used to switch between P-NET RS485 and CAN bus are found on the printed circuit board inside the BM020, as seen on the picture.

The jumpers can be moved, but do not remove the two jumpers from the BM020 base module.


Power Specifications
Current supplied by power rail: Max. 5 A
Current at spade connectors: Max. 10 A


Mechanical Specifications (PD610/PD602B + BM020)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 66.8 x 43.3 x 110 mm
Weight approx.125 g
Vibration IEC 60068-2-6 : 2007