Application note for PD 642 / PD 643

Analogue input: 4 x 0-100mV / Thermocouple / Analogue input: 3 x 0-100mV / Thermocouple

Feature overview:

The PD 642 contains 4 and the PD 643 contains 3 analogue channels, each of which can be configured for use with an input signal of: 0 to 100mV or one of a selection of thermocouples from the range:

Type E – (-94.8 – +1000 C)
Type K – (-153.7 – +1372 C)
Type N – (-270 – +1300 C)
Type R – (-50 – +1768 C)
Type S – (-50 – +1768 C)
Type T – (-166.5 – +1000 C)

All PROCES-DATA modules are based on the Channel concept. A channel is a functional object, consisting of both functions and all function-related data.

A PD 642 / 643 module consists of 2 channel types:

Service channel:
Analogue Input channel:

General module behaviour and interface
Functions and data for analogue input

Analogue Input channel description:

Input channels provided by PROCES-DATA contain much more than just the basic input function. The input channel functions and associated parameters are formed into a channel description. The module’s integrated controller handles all channel functions.
Functions need only to be configured for operation. No additional programming is required.

Analogue Input Channel monitors:

Signal out of range

Analogue Input Channel functions:

0-100mV input signal scaling to SI unit
Thermocouple input signal scaling
Thermocouple offset adjustment
Signal input filter

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