Application note

Notification on analogue channels

Notification is a means of raising a flag when a selectable event occurs.

Notification on analogue channels can be selected as
– Notification on Level Crossing.
– Notification on DeltaLevel.
– No load / Wire broken.
– Change in Channel_Error.Actual.

Notification on limit crossing can be enabled to create a flag when the AnalogIn value crosses the defined limits while increasing and/or decreasing.
Two limits can be defined per channel: Level1 and Level2.

Notification on DeltaLevel

Can be enabled to create a flag, when the AnalogIn value has changed by more than a certain level.
DeltaLevel defines by how much a measured value needs to change either positively or negatively (deviate), compared to the last DeltaLevel Notification value, for a new notification to be made.

No load / Wire broken, when using the analogue channels in 4–20 mA mode, a current monitor can be enabled to make a notification if the current drops below 3 mA.

(See also: ChConfig.EnableNotification


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