Application note

Digital Input / Output Channel description

Input / Output channels provided by PROCES-DATA contain much more than just the basic input / output function. The channel functions and the corresponding data are formed into a channel description.
The modules integrated processor handles all channel functions.
The input / output channel’s monitors are always available, no matter which independent mode is selected for each digital channel.

Maintenance log:

Each channel contains an area for entering information about the last maintenance activity on the particular channel or the device connected.
Date and Time, plus a code for the applied maintenance, can be entered.
(See also: Maintenance.)

Module parameters:

All parameters in the module can be adjusted at installation time using VIGO, or they can be set-up / modified by external controllers at any time. Any data described as preset values can be changed at any time by programmed controllers to utilise the dynamic behaviour of the intelligent functions within the module.
Parameters and data are stored in FLASH memory and are thus retained if power is removed from the module.

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