Application note

Analogue Input simulation

The input function controller allows the user to set the input channel into simulation mode. Simulation mode allows the input signal to be written without reflecting the physical input signal.

The input signal can be controlled from VIGO or directly from an external controller. It is therefore possible to run a separate simulation task that manipulates the input signals to emulate a running process.
Input simulation could then be basis of testing the state of any related functions, thus simulating real operational field equipment.

Input simulation can be very useful for software testing, verification and FAT tests.

In an operational installation, input simulation could be used if perhaps an analogue sensor fails. It would then be possible to set the input channel into simulation mode and set the signal to allow the current process to finish. Of course, this feature has to be used with great care, as the system no longer gets real feedback from the process!

(See also: AnalogIn, ChConfig.Enable[0].)

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