Unit for galvanic isolation of P-NET RS485 signals

Unit for galvanic isolation of P-NET RS485
2 pcs. PD 661 SPI, mounted on BM 010
1 pcs. bottom for base module, with fibre optics
1 pcs. DIN rail, plastic
2 pcs. PG 7 cable glands
2 pcs. PG 11 cable glands
4 pcs. Terminals for 24 V DC

DKK 2,500.00



This boxed unit contains some optically linked modules from the PD 600 series, to provide galvanic isolation between two parts of a single P-NET segment.

  • The unit can be useful within installations where P-NET needs to be connected between two or more buildings, for providing the necessary galvanic isolation.
  • By adding this high level of galvanic isolation, it can also help to minimize damage caused if an installation is struck by lightning.

Mechanical Details
Width: 260 mm
Height: 160 mm
Depth: 90 mm

Sealing: IP 65