Analogue Interface Module, 4-ch. individual inputs (voltage 0-100 mV or  thermocouple temperature sensor), P-NET via Light-Link

• 0-100 mV or thermocouple temperature sensor input
• Provides linearization for the following types of thermocouple transducers: Type R, S, B, J, T, E, K and N
• Advanced internal self testing
• Wide power supply range
• Wide temperature range
• 2 LEDs for power On and Error indication




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600234kr. 1,275.00
600237kr. 225.00

Product Description

The PD 642 is an analogue input module with four voltage input (0-100 mV) channels.
The four input channels can be configured individually for either 0-100 mV or thermocouple temperature sensor input.
The PD 642 provides linearization for the following types of thermocouple transducers: Type R, S, B, J, T, E, K and N.

It is used with a BM 014 Base module.

Power Specifications
Power Supply DC: nom. 24.0 V, min. 18.0 V, max. 32.0 V
Ripple: max. 5%

Power consumption @ 24V DC
Operation: max. 25 mA
Current at power up: max. 60 mA


Analogue input (Ch. 1- 4)
Signal type: Voltage (0-100 mV)
Input impedance: > 5 MΩ
Calibration error: @ Tamb. 20 °C max. +/- 0.1 % of fullscale
Ambient temperature coefficient Tc: max. +/- 100 ppm / °C
Ambient temperature influence (ΔV): Tc x (Tambient – 20) x input
Resolution: typ. 20 µV
Update time: fixed 0.8 s

Voltage to temperature conversion for thermo couples
Supported IEC 584-1 thermo couple types:
R, S, B, J, T, E, K, N
(See data sheet for thermocouple measurements)

Filter for analogue input signal
Type: 4th order low pass
Time constant: configurable 3.0 s – 50.0 s
Gain error: max. +/- 0.1 %

Environmental Conditions
Ambient Temperature
Operating temperature: -25 °C – 70 °C
Storage temperature: -40 °C – 85 °C

Relative humidity: max. 95%

EMC EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3

Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
Frequency range: 2-100 Hz
Frequency / amplitude: 2-10 Hz: +/- 5.0 mm
10-100 Hz: +/- 2g
Sweep rate: max. 1 octave/min
Number of axes: 3 mutually perpendicular