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PD 947 – GPS Navigation Receiver

GPS Navigation Receiver, Designed for rugged operating conditions, waterproof to IP67, P-NET via RS485 or Ethernet...

Price:DKK 4,160.00


  • High sensitivity GPS receiver for fast and accurate positioning
  • High quality GPS receiver that can track up to 22 satellites
  • Exceptional Cell/PCS-Band rejection
  • Multi-Tone Active Interference Canceller
  • Ephemeris prediction to achieve faster cold start
  • Fast Time To First Fix at low signal level
  • The accuracy is improved by using correction data from:
  • Programmable in COPP
  • Designed for rugged operating conditions, waterproof to IP67
  • P-NET via RS485 or Ethernet


The PD 947 GPS Navigation Receiver has been designed as a general purpose P-NET GPS Navigation Receiver.
The PD 947 features a high quality GPS receiver with superior sensitivity and performance.
PD 947 features exceptional rejection at Cell/PCS-Band frequencies.

The device is programmable in COPP, which means that a part of, or complete automation application can be built and downloaded by the user. The program can make use of ready-made components to control and monitor any process or machine application, both locally in the device but also via the network interacting with other devices.
Designed to withstand rugged operation conditions and suitable to be used in any indoor/outdoor environment.

Typical application areas:
• Milk collection systems
• Agriculture systems
• Fleet tracking (tracking, identification, registration of supplier/consumer and destination)

PD 947 is relevant in all applications where a positive identification of the supplier/consumer by use of an exact GPS position is required. Additional security is achieved since the location of each transaction can be recorded.

PD 947 holds the UTC date and time. As soon as the first valid GPS packet has been received, the update of date and time continues until the device is reset. The time continues even if the signals from the satellites are interrupted.

When PD 947 is located in a network together with other devices that are programmable in COPP, PD 947 will keep all the devices updated with the correct UTC time and date.

The PD 947 has 2 communication interfaces: A standard P-NET RS485 and a P-NET Ethernet (LAN 10/100 Mbit/s) communication interface.

The PD 947 GPS Navigation Receiver is equipped with one red LED status indicator, which is mounted in the top of the device.
The status indicator can be configured to various functions, e.g. after power up it can be detected that the GPS is operational and the LED status indicator automatically turns off after a defined period of time.


Technical Specification

P-NET (RS-485) IEC 61158 Type 4 or Ethernet (Modular) 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX

Power Specifications
Supply voltage nominal 24 VDC
Supply voltage 12 – 32 VDC
Typ. power consumption (@ 24 VDC) 0.5 W

Environmental Conditions
Environmental Conditions
Operation temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Protection class IP67