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15 ch. Analogue in, Analogue inputs for 4-20 mA signals, P-NET via Light-Link, Programmable in COPP


Price:DKK 2,600.00DKK 3,000.00


  • Analogue inputs for 4-20 mA signals
  • Programmable in COPP
  • P-NET via Light-Link
  • Overload/Underload protection and Alarming
  • Advanced internal self testing
  • LED for power On and Error indication
  • Wide Power Supply range
  • Wide Temperature range
  • Low Power Consumption



PD 840 is a device in the M100 series with analogue channels. The device offers 15 channels as interface for various types of transmitters with signal output in the range 4-20 mA.

All channels are protected against overload and short-circuit to both negative and positive supply voltage and notification can be enabled on any disconnection or process failure.

The device is programmable in COPP, which means that a part of, or complete automation application can be built and downloaded by the user.
The program can make use of ready-made components to control and monitor any process or machine application, both locally in the device but also via the network interacting with other devices.

PD 840 is used with the BM 104 base module.

The device can be fixed to the base module by means of a screw.



Technical Specification

Analogue Current Input
Signal range (source): 0 – 22 mA
Calibration error: @ Tamb.: 20 °C Max. +/- 0.1 % of full scale
Temperature coefficient Tc: Max. +/- 125 ppm / °C
Resolution: 0.06 % of full scale
Voltage drop across input at 20mA: Nom. 0.8 V (40 Ω)
Current limiter (Protection): Typ. 25 mA

Power Specifications
Supply voltage nominal: 24 VDC
Supply voltage: 12-32 VDC
Typ. internal power consumption (@ 24 VDC): 0.5 W

Environmental Conditions
Operation temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C (*
Storage temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
Relative humidity: < 95 % RH (non-cond.)
Protection class: IP40

(* Up to 70 °C @ 50 % load on all inputs.