PD340 with PROFINET interface (PD386)

The PD340 Flow Transmitter with PROFINET interface makes measuring flow and volume as simple as measuring a temperature. All data from the device is transferred to the PLC via PROFINET. No analogue inputs or high-speed counters needed.
The PD386 PROFINET interface module is universal for all PD340 meter sizes, ranging from C25 to C102 (1” to 4”). The PD386 can be used with any extended version PD340, whether it is new or old

Easy to install

The PD340 PROFINET Flow Transmitter is extremely simple to install:

– Install the Flow Transmitter in the pipework.
– Connect power and PROFINET cables.
– Automatic configuration

In the PROFINET master (PLC), the system engineer defines the meter size, the measuring unit, and which process values to transfer.
This procedure is similar to defining other PROFINET devices, such as a temerature transmitter.
This configuration is only done once.
Every time the Flow Transmitter is powered up, the PROFINET master will send the setup data to the Flow Transmitter, securing that it is configured correctly.

Maintenance made simple and secure

Disconnecting the PROFINET interface module from the Flow Transmitter, does not disturb the PROFINET communication on the bus. In the event of a meter head replacement, the interface module can simply be disconnected from the meter head and connected to the new one.
The automatic configuration feature described above, ensures that the new Flow Transmitter will automatically be configured correctly when connected. Furthermore, no assistance from a control system engineer is required.

Order information

The PD340 PROFINET Flow Transmitter can be ordered as a complete ready-to-use unit. Alternatively, if you want to add PROFINET interface to an existing PD340, the PD386 Terminal Board with PROFINET interface can be ordered separately as a spare part, which can then be mounted on any extended version PD340 Flow Transmitter.

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