PD 622 Application Note - Overview

Feature overview

The PD 622 contains 6 digital input channels.
Because of embedded intelligence within the PD 622, each input channel offers advanced functionality. These functions are integrated into the module itself and only need to be configured for operation, and no additional programming is required. In fact, these unique functions can save a great deal of programming effort.
Since the functions and safety monitors are embedded within the module, they execute independently of external controllers. This ensures safety, ultra fast response and independence from system reaction time.

All PROCES-DATA modules are based on the channel concept. A channel is a functional object, consisting of both functions and all function related data.

A PD 622 Module consists of 2 channel types.

System channel:
Digital input channels:

Definition of general module behaviour and interface
Definition of function and data for combined digital and analogue input and output

Digital Input Channel modes

– Input mode
– Input hold mode

Digital Input Channel monitors

– Input cycle counter / counter channel
– Accumulated input active time
– Alarming
– Notification
– Input simulation 
– System Watchdog

Application examples PD 622:

Electrical installation notes:

– Wiring notes for digital input channels
– External fuse
– Installation according to  – Functional Safety Regulations

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