Application note

PD 3000 used in PD 60x applications

Please note that a special setting is required to be made when a network is designed where a PD 60x DPI module uses a PD 3000 Controller as a Gateway to interface modules, as shown above.

The PD 60x DPI operating system version 1.13 or higher must be downloaded to FLASH, before the PD 3000 Compatibility setting is made available. 

The setting is located on the Light-Link port of the PD 60x DPI. SpecialFeatures.Flags[5] must be set (LightPort.SpecialFeatures.Flags[5] := True )

The PD 3000 Compatibility setting has no influence on communication with other PD 600 DPI or interface modules connected via P-NET Light-Link or P-NET RS485.

The network design shown above, where a PD 3000 Controller is used as a gateway to an IO cluster, including a PD 600 DPI, would be none operational, even though the setting for PD 3000 compatibility has been set. And alternative network design is therefore recommended.