Light-Link Hot Swapping

It is possible to replace one module in a running system while fully powered.

The Light-Link by-pass guide in the base module ensures uninterrupted Light-Link communication throughout the complete module replacement cycle.

Replacement procedure:

1. Back-up the configuration of the module using VIGO.
2. Remove the module from the cluster.
3. Insert the new module into the cluster
4. Restore the configuration into the new module using VIGO.

The new module will now resume the operation at the point where the previous module was removed. During the replacement session all other modules operate unaffected.

Several modules in a cluster may be removed and will still keep the Light-Link unaffected for the remaining modules, provided that two adjacent modules are never removed:


Due to the construction of the Light-Link bypass guide, removing two adjacent modules will interrupt the Light-Link communication!


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