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PD 688 Display

7″ Colour Graphics Display with capacitive touchscreen, Dual 100 Mbit Ethernet, 2 individual P-NET via RS485,...

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  • 7” Colour Graphics Display with Capacitive Touch
  • Completely sealed, IP67@ front panel mounting
  • Fully potted
  • 4 programmable mechanical pushbuttons
  • NFC/RFID Tag Reader compatible with a broad variety of Tags
  • Joystick with pressure sensitive finger-pad
  • Programmable in COPP
  • Dual 100 Mbit Ethernet
  • 2 individual P-NET via RS485
  •  2 configurable digital I/O’s
  • Acoustic Alarm
  • 16 MByte Flash, 256 MByte RAM with Battery backup
  • Micro SD-Card slot



The PD 688 Display Device is a COPP controlled device that can operate as a display device as well as a programmable controller for the plant operation.

The device is programmable in COPP, which means that a part of, or complete automation application can be built and downloaded by the user.
The program can make use of ready-made components to control and monitor any process or machine application, both locally in the device but also via the network interacting with other devices.

The device operates in the P-NET environment and has been designed as a general-purpose operator interface with simple logon via the built-in RFID reader (Option).

PD 688 uses a 7“ graphic colour touch display with LED backlight, providing high visibility and a large viewing angle.

The COPP programming of the unit enables that the capacitive touch can define any type of operator input field in any size and colour.

The front of the PD 688 is completely sealed (IP67), and is therefore suitable for use in any industrial environment. To obtain full IP67 sealing, it is provided that the front foil has been sticked on with the highest accuracy. It is therefore always recommendable that this task is handled in our production facilities. If not, the warranty will be lost.

The compact design and outstanding environmental characteristics makes it highly suitable as a means for local operator intervention and control unit in process control and mobile applications.

PD 688 is equipped with a number of communication interfaces, both classic P-NET fieldbus RS485 and 100Mbit Ethernet.

Together with a large capacity for holding all kinds of data collections, this makes the device a very versatile unit in any kind of process control system.



Technical Specification

Colour Display 7”
Resolution 800 x 480 pixels
View Area: 155 x 94 mm
Active Area: 152,4 x 91,4 mm
Touch: PCAP 2048 x 2048 points
Backlight Adjustable: LED

2 x P-NET (Screw Terminals) IEC 61158 Type 4
2 x Ethernet (Modular) 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX

Onboard FLASH: 16 MByte
RAM: 256 MByte
MRAM: 32 KByte
Memory Extension (4 – 32 GByte): Micro SD-card Slot

2 x User switches on backplane with sealing options
Error / ON LED (Rearside)
Battery for Backup and UPS – External. Li Poly 3.7 V, 830 mAh
4 x User-defined-keys with domes
Joystick with pressure sensitive finger pad
RFID Tag Reader for Access Control, 13.56 MHz
Acoustic Alarm

Power Specifications
Supply voltage: nominal 24 VDC
Supply voltage: 12 – 32 VDC
Typ. power consumption: (@ 24 VDC) 3.5 W

Environmental Conditions
Operation temperature front: -20 °C to +55 °C
Ambient temperature rear: -20 °C to +70 °C
Storage temperature: -30 °C to +80 °C
Protection Class, frontpanel mount: IP67
Protection Class, rearside: IP40
Relative humidity (Rearside): < 95 % RH (non-cond.)

Video Demonstration

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