Unit for Data Acquisition

Unit for data acquisition including:
1 pcs. PD 602L, mounted on BM 003
1 pcs. PD 661 SPI, mounted on BM 010
1 pcs. DIN rail, plastic
2 pcs. PG 7 cable glands
2 pcs. PG 11 cable glands
2 pcs. Terminals for 24 V DC

DKK 10,250.00



Specific Features

  • PD 602 L DPI with Ethernet Interface
  • PD 661 Simple P-NET Interface RS485 P-NET

The unit for Data Acquisition contains two modules, where the PD 602 DPI acts as a Datalogger module after downloading the Datalogger program provided by PROCES-DATA. The PD 661 SPI provides a transparent link between the optical P-NET Light-Link and standard P-NET RS485.

The unit can also be used as a PC P-NET LAN to P-NET RS485 interface. It can be easily installed, and will enable any P-NET RS485 installation to be accessed by LAN or via the Internet. Built in gateway functionality in the PD 602 DPI gives transparent access to modules connected to P-NET Light-Link or P-NET RS485.

Up to three additional M36 modules can be mounted on the DIN rail. For example, if three PD 641 Pt100/Pt1000 are mounted, it will provide 9 individual temperature measurements in total that can be logged by the Datalogger module. There is no need to perform any communication wiring between the modules.

Mechanical Details

Width: 260 mm
Height: 160 mm
Depth: 90 mm

Sealing: IP 65