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PD 870 Motor Controller, intended for speed/position control of brushed DC motor.
3 High power voltage output (20A max...

Price:DKK 1,500.00DKK 4,000.00


PD 870 is a device in the M100 series with high power channels.
The device offers 15 channels as interface for various types of process signals.

The 15 channels consist of:

  • 3 High power voltage output (20A max @ 24V) or Non copp controlled output
  • 2 Digital output
  • 10 Digital input simple or Non copp controlled quadratur counter
  • 1 Voltage input(-0.5V-30V)
  • 1 Analogue input (4mA-20mA)
  • 1 Fast input (50kHz)
  • 1 Single quadrature counter – channel 1-3 is reserved as inputs
  • 1 Differantial quadrature counter – channel 1-6 is reserved as inputs
  • 1 Bidirectional high power output – channel 11-12 is reserved as outputs
  • 1 Twin high power output – channel 11-13 is reserved as outputs
  • 1 Parallel high power output – channel 11-13 is reserved as outputs


PD 870 is used with the BM 102 base module that provides the I/O terminals, power supply connection and P-NET light-link communication interface, and power output.

PD 870 has two terminals for all the channels for connection to the process signals, respecting the demand for only one wire in each terminal, ensuring a safe and straight forward design- and installation process. One of the two terminals is with the negative supply and the other is the input / output terminal. Some channels are virtuelle, meaning they don”t physically exist but control other channels in order to achieve the required functionality.

Furthermore the PD 870 offers a P-NET fieldbus communication interface via light-link providing a simple and efficient communication to other devices using the P-NET communication protocol.

PD 870 is designed for DIN-rail mounting and with the built-in slot for a power rail and light-link communication, this ensures a simple and fast installation.
Please refer to the electrical specifications for further details.

PD 870 is programmed in COPP and various hardware interface sub-component types can be used for the different channel types. All hardware interface sub-component types are available in the VIGO6 library.

Memory specifications:
Program storage: 256 KB FLASH
Data storage: 6 Mb FLASH
RAM, non-volatile: 32 KB MRAM
RAM, volatile: 64 KB SRAM

Electrical specifications:

Analogue current input
Signal range: 2 – 22mA
Calibration accuracy @ 20°C: Max. +/- 0.1% of fullscale Resolution Typ. 0.02% of fullscale
Ambient temperature coefficient: Max. +/- 120ppm/°C
Update time: Typ. 200ms
Voltage drop across input at 20mA: Nom. 0.8V (40Ω)
Current limiter (Protection) typical: Typ. 25mA

Digital Inputs (referenced to -24Vin)
Frequency: Max. 1 kHz @ 50% duty cycle
Input voltage On: 5V
Input voltage Off: 6V
Hysteresis (Hys): Typ. 1V
Line open voltage: Typ. 2V
Line short circuit voltage: Typ. 0.75Vin
Input pull down resistance: 6.8kΩ
Input active pull up (configurable): 4.2mA

Fast mode digital input (referenced to -24Vin)
Frequency: Max. 50 kHz @ 50% duty cycle
Input voltage Off: 0.5Vin + Hys/2
Input voltage On: 0.5Vin – Hys/2
Hysteresis (Hys): Typ. 1.9V

Digital outputs (source)
Oneshot and Dutycycle time resolution: 417µs
Internal resistance: Typ. 0.5Ω
Output start current (duration max 200 ms): Typ. 5A
Load current at ON (Source only): Max. 0.5A
Short circuit cutoff delay time (current > 5A): 104µs
Leak current at OFF: Max. 500µA

High power output
Range: +/-20A
Calibration accuracy Min.: +/- 100mA
Resolution: TBD
Temperature coefficient Max: TBD
Update time: 200ms

Power supply
Power supply DC: Nom. 24V
Max.: 32V
Min.: 18V Ripple Max. 5% (50Hz – 120Hz)
Power consumption @ 24V DC
Module: Max. TBD W
Active digital input pull-up (1 of 2): Max. 0.074W

Other (application dependent) Analog outputs and digital outputs

Temperature and humidity
Operating temperature: -25°C – 70°C
Storage temperature: -40°C – 85°C
Relative humidity: Max. 95%

EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3

Test method: IEC 60068-2-6
Frequency range: 2-100 Hz
Frequency / amplitude: 2-10 Hz : +/- 5.0 mm
10-100 Hz: +/- 2g
Sweep rate: Max. 1 octave/min
Number of axes 3 mutually perpendicular