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Customizing the standard product line

If you need to add your own information or simply want to brand the solution you have built with the PD-modules, our production department can help you.
We can help you from design through delivery of modules with your customized look.

Examples include:

• Customized design of front foil for the PD 688 display unit with customer logo, product name and button colors.

• Your own label with e.g. company logo, lot number, product name added to the standard product line of modules

• Your own color for the housing of the flow meter, and/or a customized label

Front foils for the PD 688 Display Unit

Your own product label

Your own color for the housing of the Flow Transmitter

Co-developing exclusive products​

Should you have special needs for the functionality and/or operational requirements of your modules, we will be happy to discuss your needs and possibly venture into an electronics and mechanical design project.
The final product can be produced flexibly and effectively on our in-house state-of-the-art SMD production line.

We have extensive experience with design of e.g. ATEX and OIML certified products.

In order to make the above-mentioned products competitive on the marketplace, a certain quantity is, of course, required. If you are interested in any of the OEM possibilities, please feel free to contact us on

Examples include: ATEX certified gas leak detector and Control units used for controlling valve actuators.

ATEX certified gas leak detector

An ATEX certified gas leak detector co-developed with Kosan Crisplant and used by Kosan Crisplant in their LPG filling stations in order to quickly detect a leaking valve, thus avoiding a potential gas explosion.

PROCES-DATA produces the printed circuit board, mounts it in an ATEX certified housing, and performs required ATEX testing of the finalized product prior to shipment to Kosan Crisplant.

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Valve actuators

Control units used for controlling valve actuators. PROCES-DATA developed the units exclusively for Damcos, Emerson Automation Solutions’ division for marine tank control, according to their design criteria and functional specifications.

PROCES-DATA now produces the printed circuit boards, performs unit tests, and ships the products to Emerson for final mounting in their valve actuators.

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