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Info Notes, overview






Important information: VIGO 5.9 and Windows 10 'in-place upgrade'

Running VIGO 5.9 on Microsoft Windows 10

Info Note, Windows 8.1 USB driver workaround

Connecting VIGO 5.9 over the Internet to a remote system

Advanced use of the PD 3950 USB to P-NET Interface (Gateway PC)

PD 602 DPI routing between IP networks

VIGO 5.9 VIGO tools, help is not working

Info Note, PD 3930 PC P-NET Interface


VIGO 5.8 info

List of used port numbers

VIGO version overview

Firmware Download Feature (Bootloader)


PD 340 Lineariseringsfunktion

PD 340 Linearizing function

New PD 340 Electronic module

Firewall warnings during VIGO installation on Windows XP

PD 4000, charging of the RAM backup battery