Information for our customers.



To ensure the highest possible quality of order processing, we have analysed all our order handling routines. It is our aim to provide you with the products ordered at the desired time and place.


The analysis revealed that in many of the cases where we did not meet this aim, the reason was due to misunderstandings between the person placing the order and the person handling the order. This typically happens when handling orders that are placed on the telephone. In such cases, there are numerous possibilities for error to be made in items such as the incorrect product description, order number, or delivery address. However, written orders may in some cases, also be a source of errors, given for example, that the product specification may not be unique, and therefore be open to misinterpretation.


We have therefore concluded that the following formal procedure is required when receiving orders:


1.      Orders must be in writing (letter, fax or email) and must contain the following information:

2.      PD product number (6-digits) for each order item.

3.      Desired delivery time for each order item.

4.      Order number

5.      Delivery address

6.      Invoicing address

7.      Shipping method, if it differs from PD’s standard shipping method (Europe: DPD, rest of world: TNT).


Of course, we will still handle an order by telephone in urgent situations. However, to reach our aim for the highest possible quality in order processing, orders by phone should be made in exceptional cases only.


We therefore look forward to receiving your future orders in writing, specified according to the check list above. Information about product numbers for all standard products can be found on our website at the following address: To make it as easy as possible for you, we also offer to help you in obtaining the correct product  numbers and to ’mate’ them with the product numbers and product specifications used by your company. Please contact our order handling department if you wish to take advantage of this assistance.


Yours sincerely,