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P-NET Controllers and Display units

(Product group 2)

Part No.

List Price (DKK)

PD 4000 / 4095 P-NET Controller with Display



PD 781 Operator Interface




PD 79x Power supply modules

(Product group 2)

Part No.

List Price (DKK)

PD 791 Power Supply



PD 792 Power Supply with 4-wire P-NET and P-NET Light-Link




Additional charges

Part No.

Net Price (DKK)

Shipping costs

Order & country dependent


Product groups:

The PROCES-DATA products are arranged in product groups:


Product group 1:

Flow Transmitters, Flowmeter Displays, Flowmeter Systems, and related accessories.


Product group 2:

Programmable devices (controllers, DPIs), I/O-devices, communication devices, standard software, and related accessories.



The prices above are list prices in Denmark.

According to our Sales and Delivery Terms, the prices are EXW in Denmark (costs of transportation, custom handling, local taxes, etc., are not included). Therefore the prices quoted by our distributors throughout the world may differ from the prices above, according to local conditions.


Exchange rates:

Updated exchange rates between Danish Kroner (DKK) and local currencies can be found on the website of the Danish National Bank: http://www.nationalbanken.dk/dnuk/Rates.nsf/side/Exchange_rates!OpenDocument


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