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PD 4000/340-0, Flowmeter-Display with Printer Option


The display unit is used for displaying the total accumulated volume or the current flow rate for up to three connected PD 340 Flow Transmitters. The display unit may also be used for entering set point values for Batch or Flow Control and for selecting measuring range and various functions in the Flow Transmitters. The display unit may be used for stationary or mobile applications.



The Flowmeter-Display is designed to collect and display data from three PD 340 Flowmeters. Furthermore, it is possible to modify data and to select various functions within the Flowmeters.

The Flowmeter-Display can be used as a stationary system or it can be installed on trucks that collect or deliver liquid products.

As an option, a printer interface can be connected to the system. A printer ticket showing the measurement result, together with related customer data, can then be printed.


Two design tools have been developed for the Flowmeter system. The first is a database program, for setting up a customer database, and the second is a design program for the easy creation of printer ticket layouts. A particular ticket layout and a customer database, containing at least one customer, are downloaded to the PD 4000/340 Flowmeter-Display from a PC via the P‑NET interface.


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