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Mission: Development and production of quality components for process automation.



PROCES-DATA A/S, established in 1979, is located in Silkeborg, Denmark.


Core competences

Our core competences are development and production of electronic devices and software for industrial applications. All hardware and system software is developed in-house by our own staff of engineers. Development activities at PROCES-DATA include design and layout of electronics, mechanical design, software development for PC and microprocessor based systems, and software development for our internal computer systems.

The product range includes standard fieldbus based hardware modules, such as controllers, I/O-devices, and flow transmitters, as well as components developed for OEM customer’s specific requirements.


Products and technologies

In 1983, PROCES-DATA developed a standard for data communication, called P-NET, which is used for process control. P-NET is now an International Fieldbus Standard - IEC 61158 Type 4. P-NET is, of course, implemented in all PROCES-DATA products.

P-NET communication can take place on many different media types, such as RS485, Ethernet, WiFi, Internet, and GPRS.


The design of the products, electronically as well as mechanically, makes it possible for our customers to obtain the approvals that are necessary for using them on ships or in offshore applications (Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd‘s Register, DNV).


One of the primary products of PROCES-DATA – the PD 340 magnetic-inductive flow transmitter - is used throughout the world. The Company has developed a programming language, for programming process computers, called Process-Pascal, of which P-NET is an integrated part. To enable a link to be created between PC programs - such as databases, spreadsheets, Visual Basic, Delphi and C programmes - and the signals available on the fieldbus, PROCES-DATA has developed a Fieldbus Management System, called VIGO. VIGO enables a physical plant to be described in terms of data, data structures and data location. The Visual VIGO software package provides powerful facilities to visualise and operate process plants, factory automation, building management systems, etc. on a PC, and to log real time data and display current and historical measurements in a graphical or tabular form.


Production facilities

Production takes place in our own high-tech production plant, adjacent to the development department. Here, a state-of the-art SMD production line is immediately available for completely automatic mounting of components on the printed circuit boards used for our electronic modules.




Customers and industries

The majority of our customers are machine and process plant manufacturers, system integrators, and distributors located all over the world. These companies either use PROCES-DATA’s software tools and SCADA software to configure their systems, or they order the project engineering from our Project Department. Project engineering and customer specified project implementation on end-user projects, is not part of the normal activity of PROCES-DATA, but is provided by our worldwide distributor network.


Components and software from PROCES-DATA are used in a variety of different industries, including:


·         Animal Feeding

·         Food industry

·         Concrete industry

·         Marine automation (ship building, offshore)

·         Fish farms

·         Retail shops

·         Mobile applications (trucks for collecting or distributing milk, wine, AdBlue, etc.)



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