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PD 4560 ISO Reader




During the last few years, there has been an increasing worldwide requirement for the identification and traceability of livestock animals. In order to meet such demands for real time identification and registration, PROCES-DATA has developed a new electronic ISO Reader. PD 4560 is using the latest transponder technology.

The PD 4560, in combination with the PD 4500 handheld terminal, provides the means to produce a customised data-logger, for the storage of information such as transponder ID, date, time, farm No., breeding data, animal location, etc.







The advantages of the PD 4560 ISO ear tag reader are:


·         Real time identification and registration.

·         Connection to farm stock control and management systems.

·         Reliable operation  in harsh conditions such as dirty environments, extreme climates etc.

·         Avoids the need to input individual records into the farm management system.

·         Increased operator security when animals are being handled and moved.

·         Can be used for automatic registration at the abattoir.




·    ISO Reader antenna module associated with the handheld terminal PD 4500.

·    The plug in PD 4560 ISO Reader module provides radio frequency identification (RFID) signal processing functions, compatible with ISO Standards 11784 and 11785.

·    The PD 4560 ISO Reader is capable of providing excitation signals to, and receiving and decoding signals from, HDX and FDX-B transponders, which conforms to the aforementioned ISO standards.

·    The antenna is a ferrite core type.

·    Read range performance

o      HDX 28 cm

o      FDX-B 12 cm

·        The PD 4560 ISO Reader module is tested in accordance with the requirements of FCC Part 15, subpart B for Class A devices.

·        The PD 4560 complies with the essential requirements and other provisions of Directive 89/336/EEC, as amended by Directive 93/68/EEC.

·        The unit complies with  ISO 11784 in terms of a 64 bit data format, for official registration and identification of –

o      Country code

o      National farm code

o      Animal No.

·        The PD 4560 is powered from the PD 4500 hand held terminal.


Ordering information

PD 4560 ISO Reader

Part No. 600222

Antenna 30cm, PD 4560

Part No. 600229


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